Wander the Rainbow World Map


“A uniquely intimate travelogue — David Jedeikin offers a rich, thoroughly readable account of his continent-spanning journey.”

“My enjoyment of Wander The Rainbow is based on a simple and ancient premise: That the experience of other travelers is our best map to a strange land. Jedeikin’s stories will delight you, warn you, make you laugh, perhaps even shock you. He describes a spectrum of adventures that will deepen your understanding of different cultures and enrich your sense of what it means to be human.”

Wander the Rainbow is a journey many of us imagine taking yet few have the courage to actually embark upon. Fortunately for us, David Jedeikin took the road less traveled and was brave enough to chronicle his experiences. This queerly bold adventure moves through exotic lands, delivering a story that’s fun and funny, thrilling and thoughtful, honest and sexually exciting.”

  • Rick Andreoli, Editor in Chief, gay.com

“All the world’s a rebound! After David Jedeikin offers up his soon-to-be ex-boyfriend a pound of his own liver, he distracts himself with a rip-roaring, flashpacking trip around the gay globe! The best thing about travel, he finds, is getting deep enough into the jungle, desert, or snow slopes of Dubai to find a brand new perspective on his own reflection.”

[A] masterwork, like a rainbow itself, brilliantly colorful… with great imagery, dialogue, and intrigue… the perfect book for any self-seeker or travel-worshipper wanting an enchanting perspective on what it means to be a single gay man traveling the world.

“I highly recommend Wander The Rainbow… you truly get the feel of traveling along with David as your tour guide as he explores the global rainbow. You may even want to go on a ‘rainbow adventure’ of your own someday. I know I’m ready!”

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